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Insert Symbol



Insert symbol from the Artisan symbol library


1. Click the Insert Symbol button

Click the Insert Symbol button on the Data Ribbon Panel

2. Symbol Library

The Symbol Library dialog displays.

Use the Category, Class and View drop down boxes to navigate the library.

3. Insert Symbol

Either double click the symbol or select it and click the Place button to insert the symbol into the drawing.

4. Select insert point

Click on the drawing where the symbol is to be inserted (the origin point).

5. Select rotation

The symbol will then "rubberband" it's rotation until a point is clicked fixing it.

6. Select next insert point

Continuing selecting insert points and rotation points until the desired quantity of this symbol have been inserted

Type End to stop inserting symbol.

(At any point during insertion a new insert scale can be entered into the Data Insertion Options)


The scale of the inserted symbol will be determind by the current value in the Scale textbox of the Data Insertion Options .


Data Insertion options